1. Quarterly maintenance service visits.
  2. Your complaint calls will be attended within four (4) hours during working hours & total resolution time would be eight (8) hours if there are no defects in the hardware. In case of defects in hardware we will provide a standby solution within 24 hours until a suitable replacement in order to maintain an uninterrupted service.
  3. For all Comprehensive Contract, defective components will be replaced at no extra cost.
  4. Emergency breakdown calls outside working hours will be attended to at the earliest available opportunity with high priority.


  1. SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD undertakes to exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out its obligations under the terms of agreement in accordance with best industry practice and all applicable laws.
  2. In the event of the failure of the equipment described overleaf, our Service Engineer shall attend to it as soon as possible, diagnose the fault and undertake the necessary repairs.
  3. The customer shall provide full access to the equipment and shall make available suitable safe storage for maintenance of the equipment and accessories.
  4. During the period of AMC comprehensive service the cost of all spares, spare parts and accessories shall be borne by SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD.
  5. Replacement of Cards, Batteries and Monitor Picture Tubes do not come under the scope of contract and will be subject to additional cost, to be approved by the customer prior to confirmation.
  6. In the event of software or PC crash, the software of Access Control or the CCTV Surveillance will be installed on complaint without any additional charges.
  7. Refilling of the all the Fire extinguishers mentioned in the annexure will be refilled/serviced as per the due date; without any additional charges.
  8. When SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD finds reconditioning or overhauling is necessary because normal repairs and parts replacement cannot keep the equipment in satisfactory, condition. SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD may submit a cost estimate and such costs if authorized by the client/buyer will be in addition to the charges of this agreement.
  9. The comprehensive maintenance contract charges specified overleaf commence from the commencement date and shall be payable in advance for each year within 10 days of receipt of a valid invoice from SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD.
  10. The agreement does not cover damage to the machine caused by
    • the customer’s mishandling;
    • over loaded by UPS to the access control system; or
    • natural calamities including fire, earthquake, or lightning.
  11. Complaints shall be reported to SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD in writing or over the telephone. All complaints reported over the telephone shall be confirmed in writing to SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD designated email address
  12. The customer shall take reasonable care of the equipment and will house it in the conditions specified and will follow such instructions on these matters and observe operative instructions strictly as extended by SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD from time to time.
  13. The effect of this agreement will stand nullified if
    • the equipment is moved from the original place of installation;
    • ownership of the equipment is transferred to a company other than a Group company of the customer;
    • Any third party supporting device found faulty;
    • the equipment is misused or dismantled, altered or serviced by anybody other than authorized service engineer/technicians from SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD.
  14. Either Party may terminate this agreement at any time by giving one month prior notice in writing in which event SAFEROCK INDIA PVT LTD will refund to the customer pro-rata charges paid in excess of the period covered. Either Party may terminate this agreement with immediate effect if the other party
    • fails to comply with its obligations hereunder and fails to rectify said breach within fourteen (14) days of a request to do so; or
    • ceases trading or is subject to a bankruptcy or liquidation order, whether voluntary or compulsory.