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CCTV Surveillance

It is the process of watching over a facility which is under suspicion or area to be secured; main part of the surveillance electronic security system consists of camera or CCTV cameras which forms as eyes to surveillance system. System consists of different kinds of equipment which helps in visualizing and saving of recorded surveillance data. The close-circuits IP cameras and CCTVS transfers image information to a remote access place. The main feature of this system is that, it can use any place where we watch the human being actions. Some of the CCTV surveillance systems are cameras, network equipments, IP cameras and monitors. In this system, we can detect the crime through the camera, the alarm rings after receiving the signal from the cameras which are connected CCTV system; to concern on the detection of interruption or suspicion occurrence on a protected area or capability, the complete operation is based on the CCTV surveillance system through internet.

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