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Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Hydrant Systems (also known as fire pumps, hydrant boosters, fire water pumps) are very strong and can be used from medium to large sized fires. Hydrant pumps are high pressure water pumps designed to increase the fire fighting capacity of a building by boosting the pressure in the hydrant service. Fire Hydrant Systems have a long range, since the Fire Hydrant System is spread out, the fire hydrant can attack fire from different angles. This entire system requires low maintenance and virtually, does not leak water. Besides this, Fire Hydrant Systems have a long life.

The Hydrant System comprises of AC motor driven pump sets with all required accessories including valves, instrumentation and controls etc. Complete in all respects. An automatic hydrant system is furnished covering the areas completely from independent.

  •   Pipe work from the fire water pump set.
  •   The hydrant pipe work is remaining pressurized through the proposed jockey pump taking care of any leakages in the system pipe lines, valves and fittings.
  •   The hydrant system is kept charged by pressurized water at approx. 7 Kg. Cm. Sq. at all times. In the event of fire when any of the hydrant valves in the net work is opened, the resultant fall in pressure system is enabling starting the AC MOTOR driven fire water pumping set through pressure switches automatically. One diesel engine pump shall be standby pump serving hydrant system. Apart from the automatic starting of the pump sets, provision shall be kept for manual starting also. Shutting down of the pump sets shall be manual.

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